The Word That's Sabotaging Your Todo List

Everyday, countless people start things off by preparing a todo-list - the things they’d like to get done that day.

Some people have a constant, never-ending todo-list they can’t imagine ever clearing through. I’ve been there.

It’s not even that rare for a todo-list to feel

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Move Ahead with What You Know

To be honest, I think I've written something about this before but it's so important that I'm doing it again:

Right now I am working on building out an extensive community for all the attendees who've signed up for Pioneer Nation. It often happens that as my mind gets carried

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Behaviors are Signals: Why I Don't Believe in SelfControl

There's an app for OSX called SelfControl that allows you to completely block certain sites from your computer so you can't waste hours on Facebook, Reddit or whatever your favorite source of procrastination is.

There are a lot of similar apps out there and blocking sites outright is a highly

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Give Space for a Shift in Mental State

So often when doing something a bit challenging, we have resistance upfront and once we've gotten even just a few minutes in, everything starts to click. In that state of mind, it seems so strange to remember the fuss we put up moments earlier.

This is what I call the

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Who Do You Think of While You Work?

Writing is something that I often find challenging.

I don't mean writing well - I mean writing at all.

How can that be possible? It's just putting thoughts on a page.

When I have a conversation with someone about topics I care about what I want to say flows freely

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