All (Good) or Nothing

Sometimes things in life can make us feel good. Other times they can make us feel bad.

My All Good or Nothing rule is a reminder to myself that when it comes to external influences it's either all positive or just nothing.

Feeling negative doesn't help* and it isn't allowed by my All Good or Nothing rule.


  • I hear a friend is hosting an exclusive party. I either get invited and feel happy/validated or I don't; I feel nothing and spend that time doing something else super-cool.

All good or nothing.

  • I quickly meet someone I think is amazing. I'm not sure how they feel about me. I send a friend request on Facebook. Either they accept and I feel awesome or they don't and I feel nothing, putting my attention on the connections I have.

All good or nothing.

  • I ask someone for help. They either say yes and I feel incredible or they say no and I feel nothing so that I can find another way to move forward.

All good or nothing.

  • I release new work. If people go crazy for it that is the best I ever feel. If not, I feel nothing and keep creating.

All good or nothing.

Negativity is a waste of time. Better to feel nothing and refocus on things that can make you happy.

All good or nothing.

* Sometimes all the mental constructs in the world can't stop you from getting into a negative state. That's totally cool and in that case, it's great to find a way to use that negativity to drive you somewhere forward.

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