Give Space for a Shift in Mental State

So often when doing something a bit challenging, we have resistance upfront and once we've gotten even just a few minutes in, everything starts to click. In that state of mind, it seems so strange to remember the fuss we put up moments earlier.

This is what I call the Before Mind and the During Mind which I first wrote about here.

A tiny suggestion for overcoming your Before Mind

Instead of telling yourself: "I'm going to write 500 words today."

Try: "I'm going to give myself the opportunity to get into my During Mind while writing today."

(Feel free to replace "During Mind" with "the groove" or "the zone" if you prefer).

Notice, that we aren't saying:

"I am going to get in my During Mind while writing today."

It's: "I am giving myself the opportunity".

Define success by creating a place for the During Mind to show up and let the rest go.

Get off your back.

If you've been setting targets but haven't even been getting started, stop weighing yourself down and just take it easy.

Give your mind the space it needs to get into the groove and feel how good the experience is.

Give yourself some space for the inevitable shift in mental state that happens when you get started without demanding an outcome.

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