Thank God that Didn't Happen!

Have you ever been running out the door and realized you forgot your keys seconds before locking yourself out and then have the thought:

Whoa, Thank God That Didn't Happen!

Have you ever written a long piece of work on your computer, accidently deleted it then suddenly realized you'd backed

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All (Good) or Nothing

Sometimes things in life can make us feel good. Other times they can make us feel bad.

My All Good or Nothing rule is a reminder to myself that when it comes to external influences it's either all positive or just nothing.

Feeling negative doesn't help* and it isn't allowed

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The Part of Personal Development that People Forget

Recently I was cleaning the room I grew up in and I found a list I made over 10 years ago entitled "Ways to Improve Myself" (funny story, it actually included "Watch more TV" because I felt like I wasn't understanding my friends' references).

You can tell my interest in

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Confronting Money: 3 Reasons It's Totally Cool to Get Paid

I have never been particuarly interested in money. For a long time this was great - it meant that I learned to enjoy things for the sake of themselves rather than for some arbitrary financial reward. I was able to discover the joy of pursuing a passion rather than pursuing

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Advice is Everywhere

One way in which I've always felt a bit different from the rest of the world is that I don't like to ask for advice when I am struggling with something.

This, in many ways, is a weakness that's worth eventually overcoming. But, I also enjoy the challenge of working

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Being Realistic Does Not Make Sense

It seems like whenever you're really beginning to vibe with a bold idea there's someone around to popup and shout, "C'mon, be realistic!"

In school this was particularly frustrating because 'real' in such a self-contained world is whatever who's in authority makes it to be. When people say "Be realistic

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