Just Get to the First Problem

Sometimes I'll be working away, cruising along, bathing in code, feeling good and making progress when a strange thing happens. Suddenly, for no reason at all, a thought pops up in my head.

"I should make some food."

"Hm, what are my friends up to on facebook?"

"Haven't checked reddit

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The Difference Between Hard and Easy

Shortly after launching Nice Translator, I became friends with a teenage user from Greece. He emailed me to report a problem and we continued chatting after I found out he was interested in learning to program. One day, talking about HTML, I shared a thought I'd recently had about learning
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Lessons from a Year of Cold Showers

The tile above the faucet in my shower was a slightly different shade of white than the tiles around it. The pipe coming out of the wall was twisted a bit to the left. The shower-head itself looked angry as it stared at me...

I'd never noticed these things, living

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Be the Wind: What to Do When Things Aren't Working

You know what I love about programming? There are a lot of problems. Every step of the way, you're taking something that doesn't do what you want it to and making it work.

As I improved at this I thought, "Cool, I'm getting to be a better programmer." Lately, I've

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