Thank God that Didn't Happen!

Have you ever been running out the door and realized you forgot your keys seconds before locking yourself out and then have the thought:

Whoa, Thank God That Didn't Happen!

Have you ever written a long piece of work on your computer, accidently deleted it then suddenly realized you'd backed it up and thought:

Whoa, Thank God That Didn't Happen!

Have you ever taken a taxi to the airport and left the small bag with your passport in the back - noticing just before the driver pulled away?

Whoa, Tha -

Wait! That DID happen do me.

Mike, Dan and I had been partying all night, savoring our last night in Medellín, Colombia. We got back at 5am but hadn't started packing yet.

We got all our crap ready to go and I called the taxi, requesting a large van for all our stuff.

What showed up was one of Medellín's typical, comically tiny taxis.

"How is this ever all going to fit?" I thought, my brain running on its last squirts of adrenaline.

But with the front seat and trunk completely packed with luggage and 3 men squished in the back seat, we began the winding ride to Jose Maria Cordova Airport.

My eyes peeled open as the cabby pulled up to the departures drop-off. I drowsily emptied the front seat luggage while he worked on the back seat.

We said our pleasantries and he drove off as I looked at our bags and said to the guys, "One of you has my small bag?"

It took less than half a second to recognize that their facial expressions were shouting a resounding no and...

I woke up fast! Pivoting around, chasing after the taxi cab with all the speed I had in my body.

But, it was no use he was speeding off in the distance.

As I gave up I heard honking behind me... Another taxi driver drove up and was shouting at me to get in.

I shouted: "Siga ese taxi, tiene mi mochila!" ("Follow that taxi, he has my backpack!")

My savior asked me what was inside and suddenly the importance of the situation hit me: my passport was inside!

For the next 15 minutes we chased down that taxi until we finally pulled ahead, slowed down and forced him to stop.

I cracked open the trunk and there was my bag, safe and sound waiting for me.

We made it back to the airport just in time for Dan to get detained and heavily questioned by the police and finally make our flight.

The Gratitude is Cool - But know that you got it.

When we say, "Thank God that Didn't Happen!" what we're forgetting is that we have all encountered massive challenges in the past and overcome them on the fly.

Now, when my reflex thought is, "Woah, thank god that didn't happen!" I remind myself:

"But, I would have figured it out anyway."

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